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Accessory white-the most versatile garment, which must be available in every closet and used not only "on exit", but also in the daily bustle. This neutral tie will demonstrate the purity of your intentions, generosity, impartiality and internal harmony, which is highly valued in business circles. He gracefully accentuate any outfit, as capable of competently beat style you created, do not drag the attention to something other than the integrity of the image of its owner. Also accessory is made of quality material that allows it to be comfortable and practical to wear with care.

How to wear a tie Ascot (scarf)?

This accessory should be worn only under a shirt or jacket as in the photo below. This neckerchief pretty rich history that begins in the 19th century. He was dressed in the festive events such as weddings, birthdays, balls and others. Also, it was decided to carry riders on the racetrack. Later it began to wear and began to wear during the week on the robot. Now such an accessory is rarely seen, it adds to the uniqueness. Wearing it you will look chic and definitely will attract more attention.

How to tie a tie Ascot (neckerchief)

To fasten it very easy, because it is very simple knot. It will take you just a few minutes. See at the image below and repeat the action. Good luck.

Characteristics of tie
Material Polyester
The length of the 115
Width 15.5
Color White
Pattern East
Paul Unisex
Type A wide

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