A set of wooden Wings Butterfly tie for son and father GBDH-9025

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270 грн.
  • The width of the adult butterfly - 11,5 cm
  • The height of the adult butterfly - 3,5 cm
  • Width baby butterfly - 9 cm
  • Height baby butterfly - 2,5 cm
  • Color fabric - Blue
  • Gender - Male

Wooden bow tie is stock which is becoming more and more popularity among the fashionable accessories. To date day wooden bow tie can be seen on business people, businessmen and many stars and artists.

The advantages of wooden butterflies

  • eco-friendly -made from natural wood.
  • individual -a vsretiš, often not stock so you have a great opportunity to stand out on any praznike.
  • Trend -of-the-art aksesuar who found a worthy place in the wardrobe of current fashion.

Wooden bow ties made in several steps:

  • Creating the layout;
  • Neckline;
  • Processing;
  • Creating finished bow tie.

Create a layout

At this point pridumivaet bow tie layout manufacturer drawing pattern on paper or on on the computer in special programmes. Making layout designed shape, size, patterns, and other elements of the bow tie.

Cutout billet

The manufacturer layout risovav displays it on a wooden work piece, then cut by hand or with a special tool. This requires great precision this stage see every wrong movement and harvesting can be spoiled.


In this process include robots already finished processing vyrezanoj. With the help of special tools preset grind, betraying tree smoothness and iziskanosti.

Creating finished bow tie

When harvesting has already acquired the appearance of it is possible to make out the Middle add that goes from the fabric. For bow tie uses a variety of fabrics of different colors and patterns.

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